Saturday, May 23, 2009

CWDkids' (Pre) Memorial Day Picnic

Are you planning a cookout this Memorial Day weekend? We found the yummiest recipe on the Good Life (Eats) Blog to round out your menu- Watermelon Lemonade!! It is SO easy and looks delicious. Your whole family will LOVE this special summer drink.

We made it for our company cookout today, and it was delicious!
Our company chef, Mark (who also happens to be Tina's husband), grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and we ate outside on the picnic table in the sun!

What a great start to our holiday weekend!

We were planning to share some fun photos of all the CWDkids' staff at our lunch celebration, but sharing them would just be mean. We used the camera we have on hand for our samples and to be honest, it takes AWFUL photos of people. We all look like we have been working way too hard! So for vanities sake all we are going to share is the food.

Marylou brought in these beautiful shortcakes complete with festive flag decor. They were yummy, and the only reason there is still half a plate to photograph is because we had all loaded up on lunch.

We hope you all have a wonderful long weekend. Have some watermelon lemonade and shortcake while you remember our service men and women.

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