Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coming This Summer

Here she is--I am waiting anxiously, and nervously for our first baby! Thankfully, my mother will spend a few weeks with us once she arrives so that my husband and I don't stare at each other like a couple of deer caught in the headlights...

One thing is for sure...I am definitely set in the clothing category. I work for a children's clothing company who just happens to carry high quality, adorable clothing, AND I have two nieces. All those CWDkids outfits I spoiled the girls with with be coming right back at me...not to mention the boxes of clothing my sister has all packed up and ready to send to me! (and that's just for the first 6 months!). I feel so blessed to have the support of family and friends to help during this amazing journey and new chapter in our lives.

Please post your comments and let me know what I can expect. It's our first baby and we are having a girl. All advice is welcome!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh a baby girl! What's not to love? They are cute and sweet and smell so good when you are cuddling them. And by the way, their clothes are fabulous. It may be the only time in their life that you can completely dress them "frou frou" and they won't complain. You'll find that you change the way you view yourself since you now became a superhero in her eyes; no longer the mere mortal that you used to be.

However, no one really emphasizes the messy stuff with having a baby. Be prepared to tackle some stuff that you used to think was plain nasty until it comes from your own child. For example, you will find yourself obsessing over what is in her diaper and how many times a day. This is likely something you never gave much thought to before. Try to take it all in stride and listen to other moms, as well as your gut, more so than the books. And above all else, enjoy her (even in your sleep deprived fog)!

A Southern Mom Of 3 said...

I think you have LOTS to look forward to this summer. My advice is to go out as much as possible with your husband. See every movie and eat at every restaurant that you have wanted to try!

When the baby comes, you will be ready to stay home and nest for the first few months.

Mom of 4-year old daughter said...

There is no such thing as holding your baby too much!!!!! Be consistent when it comes to discipline!! Enjoy every moment and have a safe delivery!

kathmomtosix said...

Enjoy your baby. Go with your gut. If you feel strongly about something (baby is sick, let baby cry it out or not), go with it rather than thinking that the baby books and magazine articles have it right.

Make decisions for your child out of a heart of love and not the latest parenting strategy or fad. Play with your child, read to your baby right from the start. I have six children ranging in age from tot to teen. I still read aloud to my teens and the entire family--and they love it. All of my children love to read.

Take care of yourself so you can take care of your baby. It takes about three to six months to adjust to the change of adding baby to your family. It takes about the same amount of time to adjust to each new addition. That is normal. There are emotional and physical adjustments. Just because it is hard does not mean you're doing something wrong.

Set high standards for your children because they will rise to the bar you set. Love them lots. Be honest. Hug often. Take time to listen. When they talk, kneel down and get on their level. Look them in the eye. Do not give in to every whim, but give surprises, even tiny ones often as they grow. I know from experience that listening to them when they are little and being interested in what they say translates into teen agers who will gladly talk to parents. My teens are open with me and know they can ask me and my husband any question at any time and can come to us for anything, even big mistakes and we will help them.

Advice I received that I have never forgotten: "Find out what your child loves to do, and do it WITH them."

Enjoy that baby.

Kara said...

Thank you so much for all of your comments and advice! Its great to get real moms perspectives and not rely so much on the books.