Monday, April 27, 2009

Many of us here at CWDkids are mom's, mom's-to-be, aunt's and uncles. We all love sharing stories about our little ones, the things they said or did that made us laugh (or scream), tips on parenting, fun ideas, and of course clothing!

Our VP of Marketing & Operations, Tracy, shares a cute story about her 2 year old daughter. (Just turned 2 on April 24!)

I am an avid runner so my two year old daughter knows where I am headed when I put on the running shoes. Last Saturday morning, she was scheduled to go to her grandparents for breakfast. As I was getting ready for a run, she looked at me and said "Mommy running". I said "Yes, I am going running", and she added "with Sonia". My friend, Sonia, and I always run together so I said, "you are right!" My husband then asked her "where is Daddy going?" and she replied "to putt". Right again… my husband was headed to the golf course. He asked her "who is Daddy going to putt with?" She stood there for a few seconds, pondered the question, and then said "ummmmmm……. Tiger Woods!" (oh, would he love it if that were really true!)

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