Thursday, April 16, 2009

From The Mouth's Of Babes

Many of us here at CWDkids are mom's, mom's-to-be, or aunt's and uncles. We all love sharing stories about our little ones, the things they said or did that made us laugh (or scream), tips on parenting, fun ideas, and of course clothing!

Our Creative Director, Kelly shared a cute story about Easter and her niece, Fiona:

I went to my sister's house on Easter and my 3 1/2 year old niece, Fiona was so excited to tell me all about the cake she made earlier that day. She picked out the "fun-fetti" mix and "decorated" it herself. There was an on-going countdown to 6:00 PM, the time after dinner she was told we could have the cake. When 6:00 struck she could barely contain her excitement. I stood next to her admiring her decorating skills and said "Wow! Pink, and yellow, and purple bunnies? That's silly! Have you EVER seen a purple bunny?" She turned, looked and me and said quite matter-of fact, "Yes, Aunt Kelly, I have in my imagination."

Fiona's Cake

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Great story!