Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Picks For Parents - Healthy Snacks

Yummy.....Edamame! These soybean pods are an easy and very healthy snack to make for your kids, not to mention that they fun to eat! (just the soy bean that, is) Click Here for more about snacking on edamame at

For more healthy ideas, visit This Week for Dinner. They feature a new menu each Sunday of healthful and tasty meals. Get new ideas and share your own delectable recipes for others to try.


pastperfect said...

When the electricity went out a few years ago and I had to empty the freezer, I had four bags of these in there! The kids love to scrape the peas out of the pods and don't seem to care that it's a green vegetable!

Anonymous said...

my kids love edamame with a little salt. They are so tasty and a fun way to change it up from their regular snacks.