Friday, January 23, 2009

When Times Are Tough, Split the Bill

We know that times are tough. Like you, we are parents and have families to provide for. We realize that you are doing everything you can to save by clipping coupons, shopping sales, carpooling, and making any sacrifice possible just to stay afloat in this trying economy. So, we brainstormed and thought of an idea that can help you save at CWDkids: Split the bill with a friend and save when you purchase from our selection of "2 For" items!

CWDkids carries a very large "2 For" collection of pants, shorts, skirts, tops, pj's, and swimwear for boys and girls that are reduced in price when you purchase 2 of the same style. You can buy different colors/patterns and sizes, just as long as the items are the same style number.

Here's the idea--if you need a new pair of shorts for your child, check with a friend, family member, or neighbor....they may need a new pair as well. You can split the cost and take advantage of the discount! If you belong to a moms group or playgroup, inquire with them before you make your purchase. Don't forget, you'll be saving on the shipping costs as well. Grandparents buying for their grandchildren can also take advantage of this savings, as well as families with multiples!

Not only does our "2 For" pricing allow you to save on quality merchandise, you will save again by passing down our well-made clothing once it's outgrown. You can always count on CWDkids to provide you with the most value for your money, and we truly hope that you find this tip helpful during these tight times.

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Anonymous said...

my sister lives near by and I never thought of splitting costs with her. thanks, I will definitely ask her next time i make a purchase.