Friday, January 16, 2009

Picks for Parents - Valentine Crafts for Kids

Valentine's Day is still a month away, but why not start on some projects with your children now and use them as decoration? Check out these great Valentine craft ideas from We love that each craft has a degree of difficulty rating, and an appropriate age level.

Also, we adore these easy Valentine ideas from Martha Stewart. Learn how to dress up a plain button down shirt with felt heart buttons covers, or have your children make their own valentines to pass out to their friends. (Here is a heart template to use as a guide for the valentine cards).


Anonymous said...

I've had my kids do this using paper bits from my papershredder. If you have colored bills, so much the better!

Anonymous said...

Here is a long list of fun Valentine's Day crafts, activities, treats and decorations!


Pastiche said...

The heart covers are so Martha, but cute as, well, a button. We made home made bath salts as a Valentine gift for grandma this year.