Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Picks for Parents - Inauguration Day Books

Today our new leader will be sworn in as President--an important day in American history since the first Inaugural Ceremony in 1789 when George Washington took his oath.

We found these wonderful and cheerful books for children that are a great introduction to campaigning, voting, and job responsibilities of the president. Read them with your children to spark conversation about the current presidential inauguration.

Duck for President: Preschool-Grade 2--This award-winning team returns with a third story of farm animals with ambition. Duck is tired of doing his chores (mowing the lawn and grinding the coffee beans), and decides to hold an election to replace Farmer Brown. When he wins, Duck quickly realizes that running a farm requires too much hard work, and sets out to run for governor. With the help of the hens, and speeches "that only other ducks can understand," he eventually ends up running the country.

My Teacher for President: Kindergarten-Grade 3–Oliver's class has been learning about elections and presidential responsibilities. He writes a letter to Channel 39, putting forth a plethora of reasons why his teacher would be perfect presidential material. The story proceeds with a single sentence and appropriate illustration on the verso depicting a school activity, with a picture opposite demonstrating how that activity would play out when his teacher holds the reins in Washington. For example, "She's used to being followed everywhere" shows the class parading after her in line, while on the right, secret service agents and cameramen tag along as she jogs.


Angie said...

I love that you site has a blog, and thank you for all the great tips you share.

The Gump Family said...

We have Duck For President and it is great