Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Tradition - Legendary Santa

It all began decades ago in 1936 when the "real" Santa Claus first visited the Miller & Rhoads department store in downtown Richmond, VA. So it began--Generation after generation of children and their families would visit the department store dressed in their Christmas finest to see Santa, who eventually became known as the Legendary Santa.

In 1990 Miller & Rhoads closed, but the Legendary Santa has found his permanent home at the Children's Museum of Richmond. Each year, CWDkids sponsors this classic Richmond event and the tradition continues on....

This is a picture of CWDkids President, Jim Klaus, and his sister Ashley with the Legendary Santa in 1970!

This year....Santa's helper, the beautiful Snow Queen

Children anxiously await his arrival....

Santa talks to the children after he comes down the chimney....time to line up for pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Gee Jim...more hair but the same dimples!

You and Ashley are both adorable!

Your Roanoke Buddy!