Monday, October 27, 2008

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PS - The winner of our $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway from our 10/20/08 post about Mom's clothing is Becky who posted the comment below. Becky, please email us by 10/31/08 at to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who posted!

My name is Becky and I am addicted to the funky, bold, beautiful prints of Pink Ginger! I would love to see adult coordinates for J345 (Feeling Groovy dress), J351 (Big Splendor dress), and J353 (Print Bubble Sleeve dress/Bold and Beautiful). I loved the article you posted, but I don't think that the issue is simply that adults want to dress as if they were literally Forever 21. I think Moms want clothes that are energetic, exuberant, and have personality. We want color and playfulness. We don't want embarrass ourselves by dressing too young, but we don't want to dress like we're headed to the Early Bird special either. The Pink Ginger prints fit the bill perfectly! They also have a retro feel that reminds me of some of the more funky fashions grown ups wore during my childhood in the 1970s. Too often, adults are expected to wear staid clothes with just handbags or scarves as accent pieces. A few years ago, I looked in my closet and saw way too many blacks, greys, and navys. I've been making an effort to pick up more color and patterns ever since. that I think would be really great for adults would be either skirts or tops in one of these bold Pink Ginger prints, paired with a solid top or skirt. I also love J428 (Flowers by Zoe Sequin Stripe dress), and would wear something like that for special occasion wear. Thanks for carrying these fun brands. I'll keep buying them for my daughter...and imagining them on me!

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