Thursday, October 16, 2008

Make a Wise Investment

Today, more than ever, parents are looking for value when shopping for kids clothes. While value can simply mean low cost, it is much more to CWDkids! We want you to be more than satisfied with the quality of the garments that you buy from us.

We know kids grow quickly so we want you to be able to pass clothing down from one child to the next. We hand pick boys and girls outfits that we feel will stand the test of time both from a style perspective and because they are durable. We also do everything in our power to bring you the lowest prices we can for high quality brands... from our exclusive CWDkids' line to boutique brands like Anita G, Mulberribush, Sweet Potatoes and Wes & Willy to bigger national brands like Polo Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. The best thing is that they are all in one place!

We hope that more than one little one in your family and/or friends' families have been able to take advantage of the durability of our timeless fashions. And we welcome new customers to try us out!

We would love to hear your stories (and may even publish them on our blog). Please email any tidbits you would like to share regarding your personal experiences with CWDkids' clothes to or comment on this post.

Thank you for your continued business!

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