Monday, September 8, 2008

School Stories - What a First Day!

This story was emailed to our VP of Marketing by one of her friends outlining her daughter's first day of Kindergarten. We hope that your kids first day of school was not nearly as dramatic.

Please comment on the post and tell us your first day story!

Because you never want to let on to your child that this can possibly happen, I have to type this in an e-mail rather than call any of you with the "real" story of how bus pick up went on our first day of kindergarten.

I waited for the bus at 2:15 -- it pulled up at 2:20 and two children got off. Note that three got on that morning. Well, K. was not one of those who got off, so I asked the bus driver if he had K. He consulted his list and though he had her on his list, he seemed to not actually have anyone answering to that name on his bus. I was not yet in a complete state of panic as our transportation department has assigned her to a stupid bus stop in the first place and I had initiated having it changed to the one that makes more sense based on how our neighborhood is laid out this morning. So I thought there was a chance that she had somehow been put on the other bus -- I'd told my neighbor to keep an eye out for her and told the bus driver to radio that bus and see if she was there. He radioed around a bit and I called the school -- it wasn't until the other bus said they did not have her that I really started to completely freak out!!!

So I sprinted back home -- now in utter panic that my child is riding endlessly around on some school bus with her gigantic backpack. L. is sleeping blissfully in her room and in fact has locked herself in (as if in some strange way she has a
premonition of the doom to come!). Then the school calls to confirm what the dept of transportation has told them -- that she was picked up by momma ---
WHATTT!!!!! NO!!!!!

Now I am thinking of the novel I will write about how my daughter disappeared on my 35th birthday and her first day of kindergarten and was kidnapped by my sterile neighbor who was always so friendly yet oddly strange....

So, I had to call B.(husband) in tears to tell him that our daughter is missing and to go to the school to be there in case she is there -- I call my neighbor who tells me that she doesn't have K., I call anyone I can think of. Finally, the school calls to tell me that K. got "mis-sorted" by one of the parent volunteers and was never actually put on the bus and is happily chatting it up with the office ladies. Huge relief!!!

So, all is well that ends well -- what a dramatic day. Fortunately, by the time B. got home with the happy kindergartener I was back together again. She is totally unaware of all the chaos that went on -- thank goodness. I had visions of forever driving her to school.

Other than that -- she seems to have had a great day and only seemed disappointed that she did not get to ride the bus this afternoon.

I now have enough adrenaline to run a marathon - I should put it to good use and go work out or clean the house or something but I think the girls are staging a birthday celebration for me!


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