Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CWDkids' Characters

Staff Profile - Sandra
(with CWDkids since 1987... and with the Small People retail stores in Richmond, VA owned by the Klaus family for many years prior to that)

When I was asked to write my profile for our blog, I immediately thought of the profile that was done on me in the CWDkids catalog in 1998 (this photo is from that old catalog):

Providing quality merchandise takes top priority in our company, and we've assigned an important person to head our quality assurance team. Not only has Sandra been with CWDkids for 20 years - she's also a mom and grandmom with an experienced eye for how clothes fit best. She's the one who personally checks every item before it goes into the catalog to ensure that sizing, color, fabric content and other details meet our high standards. And if they don't, she calls the manufacturer to redesign the product.

Sandra feels strongly about her work: "As a consumer, I want to be sure I get what I see in the catalog," she says. "If I don't think it looks right or isn't going to wear well, I speak up. It makes me happy when I catch a mistake, because it means it'll keep a child from being disappointed. Our guarantee says 100% satisfaction, and we really mean it."

Like the other loyal employees who have worked at CWDkids for many years, Sandra believes in the company and what it stands for. "I've never had a day I didn't want to go to work," Sandra says. "It's a family run business, and it truly is a family atmosphere."

Sandra and the rest of our team at CWDkids always strive to bring you the best quality merchandise from the best manufacturers for the best value.

Ten years have gone by since that profile was written, but not much has changed. I have added a few more job responsibilities to my plate including inventory management and buying for our retail stores. At home, I have added a couple of additional grandsons and have a granddaughter due this coming January! I still love coming to work though and plan to stick around for at least another ten years... check back in with me then!

Sandra’s Tidbits:

  • I worked with Jim Klaus, our President, when he was just 16 years old. We would drive his grandfather’s Mercedes to Boulevard Deli for reubens. (Jim loved the pickles!)

  • I am the youngest of three children of Mildred and Buck Crawley. My parents will celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary this month!

  • I am an animal lover. I visit the The Animal Rescue Site on a daily basis... it allows visitors to help animals by clicking a button to give food to an animal in a shelter at no cost.

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