Friday, August 8, 2008

CWDkids' Characters

Staff Profile #9 - Caroline (with CWDkids since 2006)

When I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2002 I began working for Bella Bliss, a company that designs, manufactures and wholesales children’s sweaters, clothing and accessories. I was their first employee, at the very early stage when their corporate office was still in the basement of their house. As the inaugural employee, my job responsibilities were anything but typical. I can safely say that each day at the office was different then the day before. From shipping thousands of boxes to searching for snap tape to picking up carpool, I’ve done a little bit of everything.

Then it happened--out of nowhere, I fell in love, but he lived in Richmond, VA. I figured no better time then the present, so in 2004 I was off on a new adventure. My mom and I hit the open road in a U-Haul…destination: Richmond. I found a job with a local bank, sans experience. But in October of 2006, I realized that banking was not for me (neither is wearing pantyhose every day of my life). I was ready to get back to doing something that I love. Now the hard part…finding that dream job. It must have been divine intervention because a position opened up at CWDkids on their merchandising team and I’ve been here ever since.

As a part of the merchandising team I assist in the buying process from product selection to order processing. I also have the opportunity to work with our private label team to bring CWDkids Exclusive items to you. Our team is constantly researching market trends and styles to implement in our selections for our customers as well as finding new and fresh vendors, items and concepts. Although I know I still have much more to learn, I feel like my experience in the children’s fashion industry has really come full circle. These two years with CWDkids have been challenging and a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing how the company continues to grow and evolve.

Caroline's Tidbits:

  • I celebrated my second wedding anniversary in June with the wonderful man that brought me to Richmond.
  • In 1996 I went to my first Kentucky Derby with the owners of the horse Grindstone, who won! I was in the winner’s circle for all of the official photographs and I have a rose from the Blanket of Roses.
  • One of the people I admire most is my Grandmother; the matriarch of our family. She has had a very fascinating life…book worthy, if you ask me. She is a very refined, passionate person with great taste and a zest for life. My favorite memories are of when she would take our family to Sea Island, Georgia every summer.

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