Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Show & Tell Tuesday - Behind the Scenes at a CWDkids' Photoshoot!

In our effort to give you an insider's seat in the CWDkids' offices, we are letting the BIGGEST CAT OUT OF THE BAG today!

You are about the get a sneak peek at what really happens on our photoshoots. We hope that you will enjoy this little glimpse into our creative department.

If you have any questions or feedback about our photoshoots, please enter a comment on this post. One question that we get all the time is about modeling opportunities so we will go ahead and tell you that we use several agencies in the Richmond, VA area. If your child is interested and you live in the area, we recommend that you get involved with a local agency.

Shot #1 - What perfect lighting you have!

You may be surprised at how old the two models in the photo below appear to be... OK, the secret is they are not really models... our Creative Assistant, Cathrine, and the photographer's assistant, Chris, were made to kneel at kid height so that the lighting could be set prior to pulling the kids into the limelight!

Below is the final shot... we think they are much cuter than our stand ins above (sorry Cathrine and Chris!) By the way, if you are interested in these outfits by Mis-Tee-V-Us, click here to purchase now.
Shot #2 - Hairspray, Not the Musical

Yes, even kids (especially when they have just arrived from school or play) can have bad hair days! We have a stylist on set to tame those flyaways and set the "natural" look with a little dose of hairspray.

Below is the final look we acheived for shot #2. Even though they are not really in season yet, we managed to round up a few pumpkins for our shoot in June. (OK, since we are giving you the real scoop, the pumpkins are faux gourds rather than something you might want for a pie)

Shot #3 - Parking lot or Fashion Runway? You decide!

This may be one of our favorite shots to share. Would you ever have thought that such a terrific final photo would have taken place in the small area between the light board and an SUV?

Our final secret is that while our models appear cool as cucumbers, you can tell by our staff, the weather was not really the perfect crisp autumn day. Temperatures were in the 90s so fans and water were both plentiful.

By the way, the Halloween apparel featured in shots #2 and #3 will be available Exclusively at cwdkids.com starting in August.

We hope that you have enjoyed this little sneak peek. If you have any snapshots from your own photoshoots of your kids in CWDkids clothing, please send them to cathywdaley@cwdkids.com . We may feature them on Kidbits in our Brag Book.


Mommy of 2 said...

I love to shop early for my kids wardrobes and am excited to get going on fall. I love the CWDkids collections they really let kids be kids and with two kids 5 and 2 that is important to me that they look like kids and not just little adults.

Mommy of 2 said...

What cute outfits for fall- I am an avid kids clothes shopper and love dressing my kids in clothes that let them look like kids and not just small adults. I love the CWDkids collections for this very reason.
Great job and keep up the good work!!!

Kay said...

I am so excited about the new fall clothing lines. My children 7 and 5 are becoming more and more challenging to dress. Your store helps me keep them looking like children in high quality, durable clothing.

I have added you to my blog

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about your new fall line. I love that your clothes are not only adorable, but that my crazy on the go kids are free to be kids in them. I especially enjoy your brother/sister coordinating lines. Keep up the good work!