Thursday, July 24, 2008

Free Shipping and Handling

When we asked customers to tell us what we could do to make CWDkids the first place that you go to shop for kids clothing, we received many terrific suggestions. We read through all of them and plan to make many of the requests a reality (we have already improved the "Continue Shopping" button on our cart page).

The one suggestion that was made more often than any other was to offer Free Shipping and Handling. The staff at CWDkids are moms and consumers like you, and we do understand the frustration of having to pay for shipping. However, as a business, we must recoup the costs that we incur to mail merchandise to you. With fuel costs continuing to rise, we just cannot offer free shipping all the time.

We do continually compare our rates to other children's clothing companies and we have tried to remain in line, if not lower than, most of our competitors. Our average order is $100 and for orders of $100 or more, our shipping and handling costs are lower than Hanna Andersson, Growing Up Garnet, Wooden Soldier, Chasing Fireflies, Olive Juice, and even Lands End Kids (a giant compared to our family run operation). We realize that there are other companies that do charge less, but we feel that we do try to remain competitive with comparable kids clothing retailers. A few that do get mentioned as having better shipping rates are Gap and Old Navy. They have 3,100 retail stores and revenues of $15.8 billion. If we are speaking in terms of fish in ponds, they are the whale and we are the guppy. They are huge and we simpy cannot compete with their ability to negotiate shipping rates.

We also ask you to keep in mind the convenience of ordering online. No running around town searching at multiple stores for outfits only to discover that they do not have your size. You are also saving gas and in this economic climate, that can be a considerable cost depending on your proximity to retail stores.

We appreciate your business and your understanding on this topic...and we do want to continue to give our blog readers special offers so do some back to school shopping early and you will not pay for shipping!

Just enter code CEXB2S at checkout to receive FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $100+ through Monday July 28 at midnight. Start shopping now at

Offer not valid on previous or pending purchases and cannot be combined with any other promotions.


Anonymous said...

$9 to ship a $18.00 cotton dress is NOT reasonable NOR competetive!!

Anonymous said...

Have to disagree. $9 is an outrageous shipping cost!! I understand your trying to make a point by comparing yourselves to the bigger companies, however, as a Lands End and Hanna Andersson frequent shopper, I can tell you that they often send out free shipping codes. I'll be deleting the items in my shopping cart now.

Anonymous said...

Costs could be made up by more purchases. I would love to make purchases from your site, but I won't pay shipping. Is it worth a trial to see if you recover some shipping expenses by more purchases?

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with the last comment.
I found this blog/topic/thread because I am sitting with a couple of items in my cart and went looking for a 'coupon code' for shipping online.

I kept thinking to myself that I want to put a few more items in my order but I'm already out $7 for shipping and that will increase with the more I put in my cart.
It really is a psychological mind game because I end up spending more if I get free shipping.
Gap & Old Navy were used as examples but they usually do free shipping with a min. $50 (or the last time I shopped online there) so maybe CWD needs to figure out at what cost does free shipping even out for them ($75, $100?) and offer that.
LOVE CWD because it is one of the few places that carries made in the USA!!! You won't find that at Gap or Old Navy.