Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CWDkids' Characters

Staff Profile #6 - Lucy (intern with CWDkids - Summer 2008)

Each summer, CWDkids hosts a high school intern from the Powell Center for Economic Literacy - Cochrane Summer Economics Institute. We are lucky to have Lucy with us for the month of July this year and thought you might like to hear about her experience and background in her own words.

At the end of my junior year of high school, I applied for an internship through the Cochrane Summer Economics Institute. The application gives students the opportunity to list interests, so my passion for interior and fashion design is probably what led to my placement at CWDkids.

I started my internship at CWDkids on June 30 and have been working 4 days a week since then. On the fifth day of the week, I attend classes at the Powell Center with all the other interns in the program.

During my time at CWDkids, I have met with staff in each department and have had a chance to learn what everyone does and how the company runs. So far, my days have been comprised of a variety of activities such as sitting in on vendor appointments with the merchandise team, working in the warehouse on quality control, and getting an idea of how the web site is setup and operates. I have also spent a day helping out at one of the CWDkids retail stores.

I have to say that what I like most about my internship has been the staff! Everyone has been so welcoming, and taken time out of their busy schedules to show me the ropes. The charisma around the office is contagious and has allowed me to feel very comfortable from day one.

I was born in Richmond and have lived here my whole life. I love it, but after college I plan to move to New York City and hope to land a job in fashion design and merchandising preferably in the interior design field. I really enjoy traveling and visiting new and exciting places. My favorite destinations so far have been France, the Bahamas, and New York although there are a lot of other places that I have yet to visit. Ultimately, I would love to move back to Richmond after experiencing other parts of the country because this is where my heart is.

Lucy's Tidbits:

  • I have a 15 year old toy poodle named Smokey and a 5 year old cat named Sonny.

  • In the summer, I love going to the river and tubing with friends.

  • One of my most prominent childhood memories is when I would go skiing in Whitefish, Montana each spring break with family and friends.

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