Thursday, June 26, 2008

Submit Your Designs!

Each season, Bethany Shackelford, from Pingorama, works closely with us to create exclusive designs on children's clothing you can't buy anywhere else.

Twenty years ago, Bethany started out doing computer graphics for commercials and moved on to work for NBC doing on-air graphics where she won her first Emmy. After moving to Santa Monica and learning to do 3D textures for movies she won a second Emmy for her work on one of the Star Trek movies and was on the Oscar winning special effects team for “Independence Day”.

About the same time, she started her own company, Pingorama, with a desire to bring to life the animated characters that graced her sketchbooks onto children’s clothing. She picked the name Pingo because in Latin it translates to: “I illustrate, I decorate, I adorn with color”.

Growing up on a horse farm with parents who ran a grooming shop and kennel, Bethany fell in love with animals of all kinds. Horses, dogs, cats, and cows have all made their way onto dresses, tees, and pajamas with Bethany's distinct style.

CWDkids is always looking for new whimsical and creative graphics for our children's clothing. If you are creative and would like to submit your illustrations for consideration, please email us at


Anonymous said...

I always love the Pingorama designs. They are so fun... and my daughter loves animals so the prints are terrific for us! So interesting to know that she won an Emmy and an Oscar!

Anonymous said...

I too love the Pingorama designs. I enjoy the wide diversity of available designs for my children with this catalogue. My daughter loves to schetch clothing designs. We have tons of notebooks, notepads,chalkboards and whiteboards, filled with a variety of outfits and various other clothing designs. She makes shorts,tee's, skirts, swimsuits, and "tons of dresses." Pocketbooks and shoes are usually a part of the package, often with one or more choice of shoes to accompany the outfit.She has also started peicing outfits together with various fabrics and trims. I think it's great that CWD encourages kids to submit their designs and use their creativity. With so many schools having to cut back on the arts programs,I appreciate having another forum like this for children to express themselves and stimulate the creativity of a young mind. Thank you CWD!!

kinderkleding said...

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