Monday, June 2, 2008

If We Blog It, They Will Come (hopefully)

Welcome to kidbits, a look into our daily life at CWDkids. We hope to give you an insider's seat in our office - a behind the scenes, bird's eye view of who we are and what it's like to put together our website and catalog.

We may not be as funny as the office at Dunder Mifflin, but then again, we're real people in Richmond, Va without the benefit of screen-writers.
We're going to bring you extensive, soul-searching profiles of our employees... or at least show you goofy pictures of what we all looked like back in the 80's to keep you laughing.

We'll be posting from a different cubicle every day starting June 2 so check back often for more riveting details about us, our vendors (like Anita G, Mulberribush, Sara's Prints, Sweet Potatoes, Wes & Willy), and our endeavors.

But please don't think our blog is a one way street! We want our blog to be a place that we can interact with you, our customers. We want your feedback! We will be posting merchandise previews, polls and an array of other new ideas for your input so that we can make CWDkids the best kid's clothing website around!

In exchange for your time and effort in making comments to our posts, we will periodically be doing giveaways, sweepstakes, and posting information on secret sales and coupons just for our blog readers!

Look for the first surprise next week... You won't want to
miss it... It's a good one!

So bookmark kidbits and be sure to check back in with us every week. We are so excited to get started!


Anonymous said...

Will you be posting coupon codes?

CWDkids said...

Yes, we will be posting coupon codes, giveaways, sweepstakes and other fun things so check kidbits often!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the top cover!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new blog, CWD!! It looks great and THANKS so much for including us on your blogroll!!

Take care!
Jane, Pinks & Blues

pbj88 said...

I love the top cover--and all of the outfits are great!

Unknown said...

Great blog, CWDKids! Will Larry be contributing to the blog?

CWDkids said...

We are hoping to be able to snap a photo of Larry, our favorite lizard. When we do, we will certainly post it..keep your eyes peeled.

Anonymous said...

Entertaining, insightful and informative Blog,

Keep up the great work. Love the where are they now feature.

Anonymous said...

Have been shopping with CWKids for some time now and upon receiving an order the other day, I was disappointed to realize even though I wanted to shop made in the USA most of the items I purchased were made elsewhere. I forgot to look! I am not anti importing but my suggestion is if you can buy from companies in the USA then please do. I want to support the USA. It seems like more of the CWKids items are imported.

Anonymous said...

Tammy -- I used to work with you years ago at April Cornell In MA and MI. I order all the time from CWD kids and could not believe it when I saw your picture. Hope you are well --Leah